National Rail Passenger Survey

We consult more than 50,000 passengers a year to produce the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) - a network-wide picture of passengers' satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of journeys.

Passengers' overall satisfaction and satisfaction with 30 specific aspects of service can, therefore, be compared over time.

The next survey will be published in January 2015.

NRPS: Official Statistics Code of Practice Breach: 25 June 2014

On 25 June 2014 BBC Breakfast made a couple of short statements based on what appeared to be prior knowledge of the NRPS results for Spring 2014. These comments were made ahead of the 09:30am publication of this Official Statistic. Passenger Focus is currently undertaking an investigation in to how this breach occurred.

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Download the full report of the most recent survey (Spring 2014), published on 25 June 2014. 

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We have produced at-a-glance guides for Great Britain as a whole and individual train companies. These guides contain headline results and recent trends.

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You may also be interested in our more technical research analysis tool 'Reportal', which includes the last three years' core NRPS results.