Bus Passenger Survey

We consult more than 20,000 passengers a year to produce the Bus Passenger Survey (BPS). We measure passengers' satisfaction with their local bus service for a representative sample of journeys.

Passengers rate their satisfaction with a wide range of aspects of their bus journey including the bus stop, waiting for the bus, on the bus, the outside of the bus and the bus driver as well as their overall satisfaction with that bus journey and their rating of value for money.

Latest Bus Passenger Survey

Download the most recent BPS report, published in March 2014 (survey carried out autumn 2013).

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Our analysis tool lets you break down BPS results in the way that suits you best.

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Information on completing the Bus Passenger Survey

If you’re a bus passenger who has been given a survey to complete and you would like to find out more information prior to filling it in, please click here.

Bus Passenger Survey video summary (autumn 2013 results - published March 2014)

Autumn 2013 Bus Passenger Survey summary from Passenger Focus on Vimeo.


Bus Passenger Survey - full report - Autumn 2013

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Bus Passenger Survey - full report - March 2013

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Bus Passenger Survey - full report - July 2010

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