• Satisfaction with tram travel

    How satisfied were you overall with the last journey you made by tram?

    • 43.9% Very satisfied

    • 24.4% Fairly satisfied

    • 12.2% Neither good nor poor

    • 7.3% Fairly dissatisfied

    • 12.2% Very poor

  • Helpfulness and attitude of staff

    How would you rate the helpfulness and attitude of staff on board your last train journey?

    • 30.9% Very good

    • 22.3% Fairly good

    • 23.4% Neither good nor poor

    • 10.6% Fairly poor

    • 12.8% Very poor

  • High winds and heavy rain

    Did the high winds and heavy rain affect your journey by rail, bus, coach or tram? If so, how was your experience of the information provided to help you complete your journey? You can continue the discussion on our forum.

    • 5.2% Lots of staff on hand and clear, useful information provided

    • 8.3% Lots of information available from various sources

    • 13.5% I eventually got the info I needed

    • 27.1% I got where I was going, without outside help

    • 45.8% It was a real struggle, with no help available

  • Christmas travel

    If you travel through the Christmas period, when do you usually start making your plans?

  • Running for the bus

    Thinking about travelling to work or school in the morning: if you saw someone running for a bus only for it to pull off as they reached the door, what would you think?

    As background, our research shows that passengers' perceptions of value for money on buses is influenced by both punctuality and driver attitude. It's quite the balancing act - why not have your say and discuss with fellow passengers in our forum?