Passenger Focus

It is now a week since we published our first Tram Passenger Survey.  The week before, we published our fourth Bus Passenger Survey. These surveys now join our well established National Rail Passenger Survey. The value of now having a suite of rail, bus and tram passengers’ views about their journey experience provides the evidence […]

Consumer Rights Bill

Legislation known as the Consumer Rights Bill is currently passing through Parliament.  It will update and bring into line current laws and improve protection for consumers overall.  One area it will improve is services. Passengers are, of course, consumers of transport services. As the Bill has been making its way through the House of Commons, […]

We all develop alternative – and sometimes affectionate – names for places.  So it is with Kidderminster, the carpet town in Worcestershire.  It is often known as ‘Kiddy’.  But it is quite something else to be called by its alternative name on a passenger information screen.  And so it was on a screen at Birmingham […]

Back in December Anthony blogged about the daily crush faced by many First TransPennine Express (FTPE) passengers. So I found it very hard to reconcile, when I heard this week, that a ‘deal’ was about to be done to ship some of the FTPE fleet (Class 170s) to the operation of Chiltern Railways. Some would […]

Good to see today’s push from the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) and Passenger Focus to properly inform and educate passengers about their ticket refund and compensation rights. Both today’s ORR report and Passenger Focus’s research from July 2013 support the fact that train operators need to do more to inform passengers of their rights […]

It’s not often that Rochdale is the topic of a Passenger Focus blog, but I was interested in Northern Rail’s recent claim that Rochdale is the ‘fare dodging hotspot’ on their network. Before I continue, I’d like to make it absolutely clear that we’re not on the side of anyone who intentionally travels without paying […]

Hello and welcome to my first blog as the Acting Chief Executive of Passenger Focus. Anthony Smith is taking a short career break “across the pond” in sunny, or should that be freezing, California. Anthony returns in late April having left these shores just before Christmas. I’ve stepped into Anthony’s shoes from my day job […]

The excellent Ashchurch, Tewkesbury & District Rail Promotion Group Round Table is holding another meeting. They are pulling in First Great Western (FGW) and other train operators, the Department for Transport, and others. The Group said to me: “We do regular footfall counts at Ashchurch for Tewkesbury station and the latest actual figures for the […]

TransPennine squash

TransPennine is crowded and a victim of its own success. It has the highest seat occupancy rate of any train company – sounds great as the assets are sweated. The problem is that this translates into a daily crush for many – this photo shows the common situation. It’s capacity, capacity and capacity as passenger […]

Bristol bus passenger focus

Back in July we held a Board event in Bristol. On the back of this event we received an invitation to provide evidence to Bristol Council’s scrutiny review of bus services. The chair invited us to provide evidence as he is keen to draw on our “expertise of bus users’ views”. The key issues the […]