Passenger Focus

Our National Rail Passenger Survey is answered by about 63,000 passengers across Great Britain. It is a big enough sample to ensure good data for all train companies. We are able to cover about two or three routes (mostly three) within each. Everyone wants more detailed data to enable them to really identify where issues […]

Information Pride on the buses?

Getting information about services into passengers hands, especially when they are changed, is obviously key. Good to see a great example of that from Abellio in Surrey and sorry to see a very bad example in Manchester. Information can be made to reach relatively hard to reach spots – a colleague tells me: “When we […]

The debate about rural public transport will continue. Providing scheduled bus services to a thin timetable just does not seem to meet the needs of many rural and small-town passengers. Providing more dial-a-ride, or demand-responsive services (in industry jargon), seems like a sensible way forward. We have done a bit of work on this which […]

A question we often get asked. Bit difficult for a consumer organisation to answer as we cannot say: “Yes, 90 per cent or whatever is fine…”, but perhaps easier for passengers to answer. Delivering the promise contained in the timetable 100 per cent would be one answer. It is an important question as future investment […]

A friend of mine missed her train back up to London as the branch line service from Falmouth was late – the London train was not held. Very frustrating as that meant the next London train was heaving. First Great Western (FGW) answered her complaint in a great way: “Thank you for your email of […]

Good to see Centro, the transport authority in the West Midlands, boosting fares information. We know from our research that some passengers have trouble finding out fares information (as indeed do some companies it appears). There have been steps forward. Many bus companies use adverts on their buses to push popular fares. But by the […]

Is this a relevant question? Surely as long as they get your there safely and on time does trust really matter? We think it does. After years of sustained investment by passengers and government the daily experience of many passengers has improved. Our ‘on the day’ National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) shows this1 as does […]

An odd phrase, but often used in the retail world about the difficulty of delivering a consistent, good service to customers in all circumstances. Getting front-line staff on message and positive can be difficult. Managers rarely see these staff in action, rarely get feedback apart from the odd complaint and compliment. Yet, it is often […]

Every year, around about this time, a strange, seasonal, large-scale shift takes place in the composition of rail passengers. More noticeable on longer-distance trains, but it must affect the whole network. Thousands of would-be students, often accompanied by a parent, visit potential universities and colleges around the country. They must number tens or even hundreds […]