Passenger Focus

It’s not often in transport that you come across a plan that genuinely takes you back. However, Tunbridge Wells has done just that. Pembury Road, that snakes through Southborough from the A21 to and from Tunbridge Wells is notorious for traffic. Buses get snared up in it the whole time as only part of the […]

Passengers have their say

The latest National Rail Passenger Survey is out today. The headline figures mask, as ever, wide variations in the passenger experience. Overall satisfaction saw a significant drop – down 2 per cent – on last year. This is largely driven by patchy performance by some of the big London and South East train companies. However, […]

It will be interesting to see what rail passengers have to say about their train services as the latest wave of the National Rail Passenger Survey is out soon. The survey was carried out before recent disruption but will provide a very useful snapshot of passenger opinion. Watch this space around 9.30am next Tuesday.

On the evening of Friday 9 January, a colleague took a bus from Exeter to Winkleigh, a village in rural Devon. The bus stopped just outside St David’s station, and a modern, reasonably comfortable, double-decker bus showed up bang on time. As passengers boarded the bus they were greeted with, “You don’t want to go to […]

Predicting the future is always difficult and guesses are usually wrong. How many retail analysts and experts failed to see the change in shopping patterns that have led to Tesco store closures? Passenger Focus tries to concentrate on the near future – I want my train on time today and tomorrow – what might happen […]

London Bridge problems

A very, very frustrating time for passengers as they return to work, pay more for their tickets and then face real delays and crowding at London Bridge. Taking trains out of the timetable seems a harsh (but presumably simply pragmatic) solution. Let’s hope these teething problems start to sort themselves out quickly. It seems a […]

How did we do?

It seems traditional at this time of year to look back and pick out the highlights of last year. One of the main things Passenger Focus does is compare bus and train companies and see who is doing well and who not so well. Always interesting to see what is happening on the Continent. The […]

Fare rises

Yes, it’s that time of year again – back to work and fare rises. No-one likes prices going up but two things slightly take the sting out of the rises this year. Regulated fares are going up by 2.5 per cent – so in line with inflation. Also the flexibility that train companies have to […]

Merry Xmas

A thank you to all those staff who have made public transport work in the last year. Some of you may say ‘Well, they are just doing their jobs’,  but with often imperfect kit and difficult working conditions they are the people who keep it ticking day in and day out. Getting the buses out […]

Boxing Day blues?

Looks like buses and coaches will be taking up the slack on Boxing Day outside London when there are very limited rail services operating. Increased bookings for National Express coaches reflect the desire to avoid engineering works and replacement buses on the West Coast and other places. The bus industry seems oddly reticent about trumpeting […]